Investigations- Help wanted

Update 31.10-18

I now know that these guitars are indeed made by Hirsch. 2, 5 years and new knowledge. His ssignature was in fact in the guitar that I once owned, but I missed it. New owner found it. End of this investigation. Never give up, and keep searching. We can still find out of a lot more.  Ill delete this soon, and come up with another mystery …or more… stay tuned

june 16, 2016

Im looking for pics of guitars with head deco like this. I have seen a few ,- less than 10 and had 3 myself.

I think these guitars are from the Hirsch school and I also think that some of them are made by Neubauer…

For further investigations it would be really helpful with pics from more guitars.

The head looks like this :



…and…Im still looking for pics of soundholes to be added in the Identification tricks menu… 😉