Herbert Todt , 1950ies after restoration

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Solid and beautifully handcarved spruce top, handcarved solid maple back and solid maplesides. Rosewood fretboard, headstockoverlay and pickguard.

Only one tonebar shifted to the bass side.

7 piece neck without trussrod. Originally it had a built in pickguard in the fretboardend. Staufferscrew.

Guitar is beautifully restored by Martin Kemmler.

Dimensions :

width at fret 0 : 4,2 cm

width at fret 12 : 5,3 cm

scale 640 mm


length: 50,7 cm

upper bout: 31,2 cm

waist: 27 cm

lower bout: 41,5 cm

depth: 8 cm

soundhole: 21,2 cm long 2, 7 cm wide ( outside the binding )