Rodebald Hoyer Broadway 1961 med resonator

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This is the topmodel from Rod. Hoyer.

Inside there is a kind of resonator – a sort of extra internal side….

Top is solid carved spruce ,- carved thinner on treble side than bass side. Top shows very pronounced bearclaw. Back is maple probably laminated, but Im not quite sure since the inside is painted with glue which makes it difficult to see the grains. Sides are solid maple.

Neck is made by many ( around 50 ! ) pieces.

Dimensions are :

Width at nut : 41,6 mm

Width at 12th fret: 50 mm

Scale: 64,4 cm


lower bout : 43 cm

waist: 27,5 cm

upper bout : ca 32 cm

length: 53,3 cm

depth: 7,6-8 cm

Dated inside ( march 3, 1961 )