Heber, Max

He was born 25. May 1901 in Markneukirchen, and died 19. november 1982 in Gunzen.Max Heber learned at his uncle Gutav Roth, who worked in Markneukirchen, Oberer Berg. He
began to work as lute maker.

1923 he moved to Gunzen and worked there as guitar maker.

He delivered to F. & R. Enders (probably under trademark Goldklang) and to Kurt Gropp in Breitenfeld (Trademark PerlGold).

From 1939 until end of WW II he had to be a soldier.

After convalescence from an accident in 1946 he worked again as guitarmaker.

In 1961 he joined “PGH Sinfonia”.

His guitars are built in different styles, which makes them rather hard to identifie.

This is an all solid carved model, very nicely made and with good sound. Its 41 cm wide. with two parallel braces. It shows the straight f-holes typical for many of his guitars.

Here a doubledomed model with solid sprucetop, and the same holes. The sparkle inlays are rare on guitars from GDR.

Same model as above, but with sickle holes, which are not so common on GDR guitars. Again sparkle deko on head, this time in white and gold.

Double domed solid sprucetopped 40 cm wide. Here we know the modelname . Perlgold nr. 1319, which was the most sold model according the Perl Gold catalogue.

Same as 1319, but with different deco. This one is signed Max Heber and has a migma label inside.

Thanks to Joel Crabtree, Ole Diemer and especially to Udo Kretzschmann for info and help.